2001 Program

Session 1: Data Location, Extraction, and Display

  1. ELIJAH: Extracting Genealogy from the WebSlides: Download Slides (PowerPoint), Rachel Lee and Dave Barney, WhizBang! Labs and Brigham Young UniversityPaperPresentation

  2. An Integrated System for Processing Information from Genealogical Text, Merrill Hutchison, Tim Richards, William Taysom, and Deryle Lonsdale, Brigham Young UniversityPaper

  3. Automatic Zoning of Digitized Documents, Heath Nielson and William A. Barrett, Brigham Young UniversityPaper

  4. Automatically Identifying Records from the Extracted Data Fields of Genealogical Microfilm, Kenneth Tubbs and David W. Embley, Brigham Young UniversityPaper

  5. Just-In-Time Browsing for Digital Microfilm Douglas J. Kennard and William A. Barrett, Brigham Young UniversityPaper

Session 2: Systems

  1. Proposal For a Global Genealogy Network, Eric Jarvi, Nicholas Leippe, Brigham Young UniversityPaper

  2. A Peer-To-Peer Network Protocol for Genealogical Data, Conan C. Albrecht, Douglas Dean, Robert B. Jackson, Stephen W. Liddle, and Rayman D. Meservy, Brigham Young UniversityPaperPresentation

  3. Hypercubes: A Superior Topology for Real-Time Genealogical Collaboration Network, Ron Crowther and Scott N. Woodfield, Brigham Young UniversityPaper

  4. Towards Real-Time Collaboration In Genealogy Research, Scott N. Woodfield, Brigham Young UniversityPaper

  5. Application Study of a Global Genealogical Database, Mikael Ronstrom, EricssonPaper

Session 3: Data Understanding, Integration, and Visualization

  1. Graph-Based Remerging of Genealogical Databases, D. Randall Wilson, fonix CorporationPaperPresentation

  2. Integration of Genealogical Information!, Bruce D. DespainPaper

  3. Place Database Slides Rob FeistPaperPresentation

  4. A Speech Interface to Genealogical Data, Deryle Lonsdale, Brigham Young UniversityPaper

  5. Visualization of Large Pedigree Charts, Takafumi Saito and Thomas W. Sederberg, Brigham Young UniversityPaper

  6. Wanted: A Geographical, Time-Period-Based User Interface Richard E. BurmanPaper

Session 4: Research Tools

  1. Images Online at Ancestry.com: Technology and Workflow Overview, Jake Gehring, Ancestry.comPaper

  2. German Immigrant Ancestors Database, Becky Hunt and Jessica JazexhiuPaper

  3. Culturally Sensitive Genealogical Software Steven M. Cannon

  4. Partnership with a Small, Rural Historical Society, Lucy Ficklin DillPaper

  5. Metadata Description of Stored Digital Objects, Herbert J. White II, LDS ChurchPaper

  6. Digital Camera Imaging of Original Documents, Richard J. Laxman, Barry R. UrryPaper

  7. Family and Church History Technical Update Randy Bryson, LDS ChurchPaper


Moderator: J. Ekstrom

Panelists: Dallan Quass, Dan Olsen, Jake Gehring, Rick Laxman, Ray Wright

After-Dinner Speech

Scott Woodward, Brigham Young University