2011 Program

Keynote Curt Witcher, Historical Genealogy Department, Allen County Public Library

Session #1: Record Linkage

  1. Development of an Evaluation Paradigm for “RecordMatch” and its Application to GenMergeDB Clustering Results, Patrick Schone, FamilySearch paper presentation results paper

  2. Record Linkage and Tagging for the BYU Historic Journals Project , Douglas J. Kennard and William A. Barrett, Brigham Young University paper presentation

  3. Genealogical Record Linkage: Features for Automated Person Matching, D. Randall Wilson, FamilySearch paper presentation

Session #2: Human Interface to Genealogical Data

  1. The Folk Date Pattern, Justin Seliger, BYU Computer Science, Degory Valentine, Print Fulfillment Services, Louisville, KY paper presentation

  2. Using Microsoft Pivot to Display Genealogical Data, Cameron Engh and Jake Gehring, FamilySearch paper

  3. Go Forward and not Backward: Dramatically Accelerating the Rate of Innovation in Family History Technology ‐‐ Lessons Learned from Genomics and the Space Race, Luke Hutchison, MIT paper

Lunch Speaker Family History Technology: Where have we been and where are we going? William A. Barrett, Brigham Young University presentation

Session #3: Document Digitization and Processing

  1. High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI) for Preservation of Historical Documents, Oliver A. Nina and Roger Pack, FamilySearch paper presentation

  2. Contrast Enhancement using Locally Adaptive Binarization Techniques, Michiel Anderson, Oliver Nina, and Michael Wynn, FamilySearch paper presentation

  3. Measuring Image Quality, Heath Nielson, FamilySearch paper presentation

  4. Using GPUs for Image Processing, Ben Baker, FamilySearch paper presentation

Session #4: Modern Apps and Interfaces

  1. Capstone: Gather Valuable Information Found on Headstones as an Automated Process, Cameron Christiansen, William A. Barrett, Brigham Young University paper presentation

  2. Relative Finder Facebook Application: Generating Genuine Interest in Genealogy, C. Michael Nelson, Thomas W. Sederberg, Brigham Young University paper presentation

  3. The Gamification of Genealogy: Potential Impact on Participation in Family History, Paul Allen, FamilyLink and Funium paper presentation