2007 Program

Keynote Richard Nixon, Real Problems for Genealogists – Challenges for Technologists talk (/saconf/2007/nixon-real-talk-part1-fhtw2007.mp3) talk (/saconf/2007/nixon-real-talk-part2-fhtw2007.mp3)

Session #1: Collaboration, Production and Data Clustering Technologies

  1. Collaborative Research Assistant, John Finlay, Christopher Stolworthy, and Daniel Parker, Neumont University paper presentation talk

  2. Moving Production In House, Jeri Jump, Family History Department, LDS Church paper presentation talk

  3. A Cross Cultural Comparison of Four Generations of American, Brazilian, French, and German Male and Female First Names Categorized According to Gender, Decade of Birth and Geo-Location of Birth, Michael Jenkins, Tristan Roney, James Wuehler, Scott Irwin, Beate Kehl, Jessica Hancock, Leslie Koenen, Deryle Lonsdale, Matthew Spackman, and Bruce Brown, Brigham Young University presentation talk

Demo Fast-Forward Session talks

External Media Viewers, Bradley Mecham
FamilyFinder , Bill Mangum
FamilySearch Labs, Dan Lawyer
Generation Maps, Janet Hovorka
New FamilySearch, Tim Cross
Genesis System, Hilton Campbell

Session #2: Record Search and Extraction talks

  1. Thresholding of Text Documents Using Recursion of The Otsu Algorithm, Oliver A. Nina and William A. Barrett, Brigham Young University presentation

  2. A Metric-based, Machine Learning Approach to Genealogical Record Linkage, Steve Ivie, Graham Henry, Haven Gatrell, and Christophe Giraud-Carrier, Brigham Young University presentation

  3. Progress with Searchable Indexes for Handwritten Documents, Douglas J. Kennard and William A. Barrett, Brigham Young University paper

Lunch Speaker Gordon Clark, FamilySearch talk

Session #3: Data Storage talks

  1. Selecting a Proper Storage Device, Anne Roach, Family History Library, Information Commons paper

  2. Digital Data Preservation: The Millennium CD and Graceful Degradation, Barry M. Lunt, Ryan Sydenham, Feng Zhang, and Matthew R. Linford, Brigham Young University paper presentation

  3. An Open Source Grid Storage Controller for Genealogy Storage, Mikael Ronström, iClaustron AB paper

Session #4: Emerging Web-Based Technologies for Viewing and Sharing Genealogical Data talks

  1. A Highly Interactive Pedigree Viewer, Joe Martel, Jason Butterfield, Grant Skousen, Dan Lawyer, and Judy Rice, Family and Church History Department paper presentation

  2. The Rise of a New Software Category: Web-enabled Personal Genealogy Databases, Gary Hoffmann, Darrin Lythgoe, John Finlay, and Matt Garner, UC San Diego, The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding, PHP GedView, and PedigreeSoft paper

Announcement of Best Presentation & Best Demo Awards talk