2012 Program

Session #1: Enhancing Geneological Search

  1. Comprehensive Evaluation of Name Matching Across Historic and Linguistic Boundaries, Patrick Schone, Chris Cummings, Stuart Davey, Michael Jones, Barry Nay, and Mark Ward, FamilySearchPaper

  2. Date Range Propagation in Genealogical Databases, Randy Wilson, FamilySearchPaper

  3. Information Extraction from Historical Semi-Structured Handwritten Documents, Xujun Peng, Huaigo Cao, Krishna Subramanian, Elizabeth Boschee, Rohit Prasad, and Prem Natarajan, Raytheon BBN TechnologiesPaper

Session #2: Auto-handling of Historical Images

  1. An efficient method for extracting family records from mixed-type forms, Xujun Peng, HUaigo Cao, Kishna Subramanian, Rohit Prasad, Prem Natarajan, Raytheon BBN TechnologiesPaper

  2. Lessons Learned in Automatically Detecting Lists in OCRed Historical Documents, Thomas L. Packer, David W. Embley, Brigham Young UniversityPaper

  3. Image Registration and Text Recognition for Structured Census Documents, Kishna Subramanian, Huaigo Cao, Xujun Peng, Rohit Prasad, Prem Natarajan, Raytheon BBN TechnologiesPaper

Demo and Poster Session

  1. The Coming Web of Genealogical Data, Josh Hansen, FamilySearchPaper

  2. Genealogy, Migration, and the Intertwined Geographies of Personal Pasts, Samuel M. Otterstrom and Brian Bunker, Brigham Young UniversityPaper

  3. Handwriting Recognition of Family History Documents using a 2-D Warping-based Word-level, Douglas J. Kennard, William A. Barrett, Thomas W. Sederberg, Brigham Young UniversityPaper

  4. Effective Sharing of Family History Information, Scott Woodfield, Brigham Young UniversityPaper

  5. Blur Detection for Historical Document Images, Ben Baker, FamilySearchPaper

  6. Removing the Noise from Cemetery Headstones, Cameron S. Christensen and Willaim A. Barrett, Brigham Young UniversityPaper

  7. Family History Archives: Research on Permanent Media, Barry Lunt, Robert Davis, and Matthew R. Linford, Brigham Young UniversityPaper

  8. Extraction of Handwriting in Tabular Document Images, Robert T. Clawson and William A. Barrett, Brigham Young UniversityPaper

  9. Genealogical Terminology and Taxonomies of Controlled Vocabularies, Stephen K. Smith, FamilySearchPaper

  10. Genealogy, Microdata, and Search Engines, Robert Gardner, Tony Ruscoe, and Dave Barney, GooglePaper

Session #3: Annotation and Acquisition of New Genealogical Data

  1. Improving Indexing Efficiency and Quality, Derek Hansen, Jake Gehring, Patrick Schone, and Matthew Reid, Brigham Young University and FamilySearchPaper

  2. Extracting Information from French Obituaries, Deryle W. Lonsdale, David W. Embley, Stephen W. Liddle, Joseph Park, Brigham Young UniversityPaper

  3. A Multilingual Personal Name Treebank to Assist Genealogical Name Processing, Patrick Schone and Stuart Davey, FamilySearchPaper

Session #4: Improving Genealogist Experience

  1. The 20-Minute Genealogist: Assisting Family History Research through Navigation and Context Preservation, Charles D. Knutson and Daniel Zappala, Brigham Young UniversityPaper

  2. Analyzing the Family Tree, Daniel W. Rapp, Michael P. Jones, FamilySearchPaper

  3. Automatic “Life Sketch” Videos, Douglas J. Kennard, William A. Barrett, Brigham Young UniversityPaper

  4. Pedigree Generator, Evan L. Ivie and Peter A. Ivie, GeneSysPaper