Local information


Gordon B. Hinckley Alumni Center Brigham Young University Provo, Utah 84602

The Hinckley Center is located two blocks south of the Marriott Center.


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Free parking is available in the Museum of Art parking lot, located east from the Hinckley Center on North Campus Drive, past the guard shack.

As a guest of BYU, and to help you enjoy your stay, please remember that disability stalls, dean and official stalls, service stalls, red curbs, and other specially reserved spaces, require specific permits. Parking in any of these spots without the proper permit will result in a parking citation. Please remember that timed spaces are enforced for the time posted.

Driving Directions

I-15 Southbound to Hinckley Center

I-15 Northbound to Hinckley Center


A light lunch and snacks will be provided for attendees of the workshop.