2002 Program

Session 1: Distributing Large Amounts of Data, Natural Language, Identity

  1. Challenges in Constructing a Digital Microfilm Library, Dan R. Olsen, Brigham Young UniversityPaperPresentation

  2. Management and Distribution of a Historical Document Images, Rayman D. Meservy, Stephen W. Liddle, and John W. Welch, Brigham Young UniversityPaperPresentation

  3. Probabilistic Record Linkage for Genealogical Research, John Lawson, David White, Brenda Price, and Ryan YamagataPaperPresentation

  4. Application of Natural Language Processing Techniques to Enhance Web-Based Retrieval of Genealogical Data, Mary D.Taffet, Syracuse UniversityPaper

** Session 2 - Demo Session I**

  1. Results of Just-in-Time Browsing for Digital Microfilm, Douglas Kennard and William Barrett, Brigham Young UniversityPaperPresentation

  2. Zoning Tabular Documents, Heath E. Nielson and William Barrett, Brigham Young UniversityPaperPresentation

  3. Hyperwebs: A Peer to Peer Topology for Distributed Genealogical Databases, Scott Woodfield, Brigham Young UniversityPaper

  4. Visualizing Large Pedigree Charts in 3-D Space, Thomas Sederberg and G. Thomas Finnigan, Brigham Young UniversityPaperPresentation

Session 3 - Storing, Retrieving, Sharing, and Visualizing Information

  1. Technology-Independent Information Storage, Steven H. McCown and Michael Leonhardt, Storage Technology CorporationPaperPresentation

  2. An Area-Based Encoding Scheme for Place Names, Kirk DuffinPaper

  3. An Interactive Natural-Language Genealogy Quiz Engine, Aric Bills, Rebecca Rees, Merrill Hutchison, Clint Tustison, Nick Stetich, Mike Manookin, Hans Nelson and Deryle Lonsdale, Brigham Young UniversityPaperPresentation

  4. DNA Analysis Techniques for Molecular Genealogy, Luke Hutchison and Scott Woodward, Brigham Young UniversityPaperPresentation

Session 4 - Demo Session II

  1. Family Maps, Richard WashburnPaper

  2. PhotoDoc: Batch Processing and Image Enhancement for the Genealogy World, Jeremy WendtPaper

  3. Handwriting Recognition for Genealogical Records, Luke Hutchison and Tom Sederberg, Brigham Young UniversityPaperPresentation

Session 5 - Information Extraction and Evidence - Based Genealogy

  1. Building Databases from Unstructed Original Records Using Off-site Volunteer Readers/Extractors and the Internet, Ray Wright, Joerg Bachmann, Noemi Gergely, JC Avena

  2. Overview of Center for Family History and Genealogy’s Activities, Ray Wright

  3. Efficiently Querying Contradictory and Uncertain Genealogical Data Lars E. Olson and David Embley, Brigham Young UniversityPaperPresentation

  4. Bidirectional Source Linking: Doing Genealogy “Once” and “For All”, Randall Wilson, fonix CorporationPaperPresentation

  5. System for Identity Linking and Research Collaboration Bill Harten, UNIconnectPaperPresentation

Dinner Speech

Randy Bryson, BYU Museum Of Art