2005 Program


Technology: Shifting the Genealogical Paradigm and Realizing the Vision, Ransom Love, LDS ChurchPresentation

Session #1

  1. Semantic Web Research Prototype, Charla Woodbury, Brigham Young UniversityPaperPresentation

  2. Genealogy and Open Source Software, John Finlay, PhpGedViewPaperPresentation

  3. Family and Church History Interim Digital Preservation Process, Rick Laxman, LDS ChurchPaperPresentation

  4. Growing the Family Tree: The Power of DNA in Reconstructing Family Relationships, Luke A. D. Hutchison, Sorenson Molecular Genealogy FoundationPaperPresentation

Session #2

  1. ScanStone—Digital Microfilm Frame Detection, Heath Nielson, LDS ChurchPaperPresentation

  2. A System to Automatically Index Genealogical Microfilm Titleboards, Samuel Pinston, Brigham Young UniversityPaperPresentation

  3. The Mormon Diaries Project, Frederick Zarndt, Scott Eldredge, Russell Black, and Jeri Jump, iArchives and Brigham Young UniversityPaperPresentation

Session #3

  1. Using Data Mining for Record Linkage, Burdette Pixton, Brigham Young UniversityPaperPresentation

  2. Name Standardization for Genealogical Record Linkage, D. Randall Wilson, LDS ChurchPaperPresentation

  3. Probabalistic Methodology for Record Linkage Determining Weight Robustness, Krista P. Jensen, Brigham Young UniversityPaperPresentation

  4. Logical Operations in Compact Geospatial Quadtrees, Kirk L. Duffin, Northern Illinois UniversityPaperPresentation

  5. Gedcom CGI Protocol and Web Service, John Finlay, PhpGedViewPaperPresentation

  6. Collaborative Genealogy, Aaron Reed, Northface UniversityPaperPresentation

  7. Screen Annotation of Family History Sources, Dan R. Olsen Jr., Brigham Young UniversityPaperPresentation

  8. Transcription, transliteration, transduction and translation: a typology of crosslinguistic name representation strategies, Deryle Lonsdale, Brigham Young UniversityPaperPresentation