2014 Program

7:30 Registration

8:00 Continental Breakfast

9:00 Keynote
Research in the Acquisition Pipeline, David EmbleyPresentation

10:00 Session #1: Extraction and Markup of Genealogical Data
Chair: Daniel Zappala

  1. Family History Technology: A Survey of Ten Hard Problems, Doran Wilde, Brigham Young UniversityPaperPresentation

  2. Gapp: An Image Capture Application For The Google Glass Framework, Oliver Nina, University of Central FloridaPaperPresentation

  3. Intelligent Indexing: A Semi-Automated, Trainable System for Field Labeling, Robert Clawson and William Barrett, Brigham Young UniversityPaperPresentation

  4. Intelligent Pen: A Least-Cost Search for Tracing of Handwriting, Kevin Bauer, Brigham Young UniversityPaperPresentation

11:00 Session #2: Visualization
Chair: Tom Sederberg

  1. Visualizing Big Data for the Genealogist, Katie Chapman, Pentandra Research Solutions

  2. A Family-Centric Genealogy Visualization Paradigm, Robert Ball and David Cook, Stephen F. Austin State UniversityPaperPresentation

  3. Interactive Folding Fan Charts: Improving User Efficiency through Seamless Fusion of Multiple Levels of Detail, Douglas J. Kennard, Historic Journals LLCPaperPresentation

12:00 Lunch

Family Tree Rhapsody Video

12:45 Demo and Poster Session

  1. Kinpoint, Charles Knutson, Brigham Young University

  2. Interactive Folding Fan Charts on the Historic Journals Website, Doug Kennard, Historic Journals, LLC

    Historic Journals

  3. Relative Finder, Sam Sieber, William Barrett and Tom Sederberg, Brigham Young University

  4. Intelligent Pen: A Least-Cost Search for Tracing of Handwriting, Kevin Bauer and William Barrett, Brigham Young University

  5. FamilyFound: Accessible Family History Research, Jared Forsyth, Brigham Young University

  6. Find-A-Record, Justin York and John Clark


  7. Cycle Sharing for Genealogy, Peter Ivie and Evan IviePresentation

  8. Virtual Pedigree—Genealogy Without Borders, Curtis Wigington and Ryan Cheatham, Brigham Young UniversityPaperPresentation

  9. One Page Genealogy: Affordable Portable Pedigree (The Killer APP), Jason Rasmussen

  10. Streamlining the Genealogy User Experience, Patrick Brown and Robert BallPresentation

1:30 Session #3: Data Storage and Modeling
Chair: Randy Wilson

  1. Retrieving a Sorted List of Thousands of Closest Relatives from FamilySearch Family Tree in Seconds using NoSQL, Ben Baker, FamilySearchPaperPresentation

  2. Research Cases: An Alternative Approach to Genealogical Research Collaboration, Chris Chapman

  3. A Superstructure for Organizing Family History Information, David W. Embley and Scott N. Woodfield, Brigham Young UniversityPaperPresentation

  4. Finding Genealogy Facts with Linguistic Analysis, Peter Lindes, Deryle Lonsdale, David Embley, Brigham Young UniversityPaperPresentation

2:30 Break

3:00 Session #4: Improving the User Experience
Chair: Doug Kennard

  1. Relative Finder, Sam Sieber and Tom Sederberg, Brigham Young UniversityPaperPresentation

  2. The Heart of Genealogy, Robert Ivie, Peter Ivie, and Evan IviePaperPresentation

  3. Virtual Pedigree—Genealogy Without Borders, Ryan Cheatham, Curtis Wigington, William Barrett, Brigham Young UniversityPaperPresentation

4:00 Closing Remarks
William Barrett, Brigham Young University