2016 Program

7:30 Registration

8:00 Continental Breakfast

9:00 Invited Speaker

Amy Harris, Brigham Young University

A Genealogist’s Technological Wish List: Teaching, Filtering, and Mapping

Amy Harris is an associate professor of history at BYU and an accredited genealogist. Her research interests focus on families, women, and gender in early modern Britain. She is particularly interested in the way family and social relationships inform one another. Her first book, Siblinghood and Social Relations in Georgian England: Share and Share Alike (2012) used both historical and genealogical methods to explore sibling relationships and their connections to political and social ideas of equality. Her most recent publication, Family Life in England and America, 1690-1820, a four-volume, co-edited collection of transcribed and annotated primary sources, was published in August 2015. All of her work combines historical and genealogical methodologies. Prof. Harris teaches European history, beginner and advanced genealogy courses, and women’s studies. She currently serves as the director of the Family History Program at BYU.

10:00 Lightning Talks: What’s Your Problem?

  1. Dallan Quass: Tree QualityPresentation

  2. Mark Clement: Duplicate RemovalPresentation

  3. James Tanner: Data Transfer

  4. Heath Nielson: Data Extraction from Historical DocumentsPresentation

  5. Scott Woodfield: I Have No Control over My Own InformationPresentation

10:25 Lightning Talks: What’s Your Tech?

  1. Wesley Eames, AncestorCloud

  2. Corey Spray, Story Tags

  3. James Tanner, The Family History Guide

  4. Laura Stevens, GozeVideoPresentation

  5. Kirsten Wright, Kid Chatteroo

  6. Todd Webb, KnowtIt

  7. Scott Halversen, Studio by Legacy RepublicPresentation

  8. Mark Jones, TimsentPresentation

  9. Chris Cummings, Pass It Down

  10. Steve Mineer, WiithuPresentation

  11. Cory Hansen, My Legacy My Story

  12. Joshua Mathias, Grandma’s PiePresentation

  13. Kevin King, Wheel of Fortune

  14. Justin Rasband and Tom Sederberg, One Page Genealogy

11:30 Demos and Networking

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Developer Session

  1. Trepo: Open Source Genealogy API, John Clark (Software Developer and Entrepreneur)Presentation

  2. Privacy and Security in TapGenes, Diana Massey (TapGenes)Presentation

  3. Explorations in a Family History Person Quality/Completeness Metric, Ben Baker (FamilySearch)Presentation

  4. Visualizing Time, Space, and Genealogy Sets with Maps, Robert Ball (Weber State University)PaperPresentation

  5. Aligning Record Collections: Long-lived URLs and what we go through to preserve them, Randy Wilson (FamilySearch)

2:30 Break

2:45 Academic Session

  1. Genealogical Indexing of Obituaries Using Automatic Processes, Patrick Schone and Jake Gehring (FamilySearch)Paper

  2. “Sanity Checks” over Auto-Extracted Family-History Data, Scott N. Woodfield, David W. Embley, Stephen W. Liddle and Christopher Almquist (Brigham Young University)Paper

  3. Flexible Computer Assisted Transcription of Historical Documents Through Subword Spotting, Brian Davis, Robert Clawson and William Barrett (Brigham Young University)PaperPresentation

3:45 Break

4:00 Academic Session

  1. Efficient Binarization for Historical Document Analysis, Florian Westphal, Hakan Grahn and Niklas Lavesson (Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden)PaperPresentation

  2. Parallelized Connectionist Temporal Classification for Offline Handwritten Text Recognition, Oliver Nina (University of Central Florida)PaperVideo

  3. Improved Consensus Path in Intelligent Pen, Curtis Wigington and William Barrett (Brigham Young University)Presentation