2004 Program


Bridging the Generation Gap—Bringing Ancestors and Descendants Together with Technology, David Ouimette, LDS ChurchPresentation

Session #1,

  1. Automating the Extraction of Genealogical Information from the Web, Troy Walker and David W. Embley, Brigham Young UniversityAbstractPresentation

  2. Looking Ahead to Person Resolution, Mary D. Taffet, Syracuse UniversityAbstractPresentation

  3. Identity in Census Records, Beau SharbroughAbstractPresentation

  4. PAF Insight - Improvements in Record Matching, John Vilburn, Ohana SoftwareAbstractPresentation

  5. Distance: A Survey, Ronald TolleyAbstractPresentation

Session #2

  1. Optical Character Recognition Domain Expert Approximation Through Oracle Learning, Joshua Menke, Brigham Young UniversityAbstractPresentation

  2. Interactive Adaptive Text Localization and Distinction, Samuel Pinson and William Barrett, Brigham Young UniversityAbstractPresentation

  3. Class Three Neurosemantics in Freeform Data Extraction, David C. Taylor, Neurogy CorporationAbstractPresentation

  4. British Jurisdictions Prototype, Judy Jones, LDS ChurchAbstractPresentation

Session #3

  1. Preserving Digital Images and Data, Rick Laxman and Herb White, LDS ChurchAbstractPresentation

  2. Book Scanning - Technologies and Techniques, Michael L. Mansfield, Ancestry.comAbstractPresentation

  3. Tabular Document Image Registration Using the Fourier-Mellin Transform, Luke Hutchison, Brigham Young UniversityAbstractPresentation

  4. Use of Contour Compression for Document Image Compression and Progressive Transmission, Christopher Nelson and William Barrett, Brigham Young UniversityAbstractPresentation

Panel Session

Jake Gehring — Session Moderator

Dr. William Barrett, Dr. Dallan Quass, Alan Mann, Beau Sharbrough, Curt Witcher

Pre-Dinner Speech

Disruptive Technology and Its Impact on Genealogy Business Models, Paul Allen